Dr. Babak Larian of the CENTER for Advanced Parathyroid Surgery in Los Angeles is committed to providing his patients with the best care possible. As part of this commitment, Dr. Larian is proud to announce that he has installed the Hockey Stick 8809 intraoperative parathyroid ultrasound probe in his operating room, so he can further assist hyperparathyroidism (HPT) patients.

What Is the Hockey Stick 8809?

The Hockey Stick is an intraoperative parathyroid ultrasound probe that helps Dr. Larian access difficult-to-reach areas during HPT treatment. This probe has a small, flexible tip that can be set at different angles to help Dr. Larian perform parathyroid gland surgery.

With the probe, Dr. Larian is better equipped than ever before to seamlessly access the parathyroids, pea-sized glands located in the neck, behind the thyroid gland. If one or more parathyroids malfunctions, the issue can cause HPT, along with fatigue, headaches, and other associated symptoms. Now, Dr. Larian can use the probe as part of HPT treatment, as the device helps him identify defective parathyroids, evaluate their condition, and safely remove them.

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How Does Dr. Larian Use the Hockey Stick 8809?

Dr. Larian uses the Hockey Stick during parathyroid gland surgery to visualize a parathyroid tumor and lesions. The probe fits inside a surgical incision, and it provides Dr. Larian with an in-depth look at a patient’s neck. In doing so, the probe allows Dr. Larian to evaluate the area behind a patient’s voice box and their breathing, both of which cannot be examined during a traditional ultrasound.

The Hockey Stick ultimately provides Dr. Larian with a state-of-the-art tool that he can use during HPT surgery. This is particularly helpful in patients who have had previous scans that did not clearly show where the abnormal parathyroid may be located. In revision cases where there may be scarring, it can help guide the surgeon to the proper location without having to explore widely. It can also be used to map out the anatomy of the area where the parathyroid may be hiding.

Why Does an HPT Patient Require an Ultrasound?

Dr. Larian performs an ultrasound and other localization studies to identify the location of any malfunctioning parathyroids in an HPT patient. Once Dr. Larian finds out how many parathyroids are defective, Dr. Larian can perform parathyroid gland surgery to treat HPT.

An ultrasound provides a reliable option to identify an abnormal parathyroid. During an ultrasound, Dr. Larian uses sound waves to analyze the parathyroids, blood vessels, and other structures beneath a patient’s skin. The sound waves do not expose the patient to radiation, and they tend to deliver accurate results.

Along with an ultrasound, Dr. Larian can perform a sestamibi, single-photon emission computed tomography (SPECT), and 4D parathyroid CT scans to locate an abnormal parathyroid. A sestamibi scan involves the use of a small amount of radioactive dye that travels to a defective parathyroid and shows Dr. Larian where it is located. Comparatively, a SPECT scan provides a 3D image of a defective parathyroid, while a 4D parathyroid CT scan provides a highly detailed image of an abnormal parathyroid gland.

Dr. Larian determines which localization studies are necessary before he performs parathyroid surgery. Generally, Dr. Larian first conducts an ultrasound, then moves on to other localization studies as needed. That way, Dr. Larian can determine the precise location of one or more defective parathyroids, perform surgery to remove any abnormal parathyroids and ensure that a patient can alleviate their HPT symptoms going forward.

Learn More About HPT Treatment from Dr. Larian

Dr. Larian is a parathyroid gland surgery expert, and he can use the Hockey Stick 8809 and other advanced tools to help HPT patients treat parathyroid abnormalities. He is happy to assist patients dealing with HPT symptoms and help them determine if surgery is necessary to treat one or more defective parathyroids. To learn more or to schedule a free consultation with Dr. Larian, please contact us online or call us today at 310-461-0300.

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