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Parathyroid scar 2The CENTER for Advanced Parathyroid Surgery’s number one priority is curing patients of hyperparathyroidism so they can enjoy life again! At the CENTER, Dr. Larian and his team take a comprehensive approach when assessing patients to appropriately confirm a diagnosis of hyperparathyroidism, and differentiate it from other causes of hypercalcemia.

One of the most common questions our hyperparathyroid patients ask during their surgical consultation is, “How big is my scar going to be?” Since Dr. Larian knows scarring is a big concern for his patients, he only uses a minimally invasive approach to surgery, with an incision that is approximately 1.5 centimeters in length. Additionally, Dr. Larian utilizes a plastic surgery suture technique to make sure the incision heals beautifully and practically invisibly. Patients are always amazed at how well the incision heals and often times tell Dr. Larian that they can’t even find their own scar.

Although it is often thought that minimally invasive surgery simply means a smaller incision, and therefore a smaller surface scar, it is important to understand that a minimally invasive parathyroidectomy also significantly reduces trauma and scarring to the tissues underneath the surface. This is vital in parathyroid surgery because of the glands’ proximity to other important mechanisms, including the voice box, trachea, and thyroid. Dr. Larian takes great care and precision when operating on the parathyroid glands so that these delicate areas are not damaged.

Can you see the parathyroidectomy scar?

Benefits of Minimally Invasive Parathyroidectomy (MIP)

The minimally invasive approach to parathyroid tumor removal that Dr. Larian takes is designed to get you back to the things you enjoy the most in life as quickly as possible. Dr. Larian’s minimally invasive approach to surgery offers his patients several significant benefits over the traditional approach to parathyroid surgery, including:

  • Shorter surgery time (because of the focused approach)
  • Less anesthesia (because the surgery time is shorter)
  • Less recovery time (smaller incisions and underlying scarring means that your body can heal much faster)
  • Less time in hospital (almost all patients will go home within hours of surgery)
  • Less scarring (incisions are typically so small that most patients do not even notice the parathyroid scar after the incisions have healed)
  • Less pain (because it is less invasive there is usually very little pain)

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