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Please take some time to read testimonials from patients who received treatment from Dr. Babak Larian, director of the CENTER for Advanced Parathyroid Surgery, and his experienced staff. Patients who visits the CENTER are generally pleased with our high-quality and advanced medical care, compassion, and dedication to patient comfort.


“I’m a little more than a year out of parathyroid surgery. BLESS YOU Dr. Larian! My fatigue took a full year to balance but now I have the energy a 20 something should have to tackle school and my life. You listened to me and gave me a chance. I am still grateful to this day. Please never stop treating patients with the respect you give us. I truly feel if someone is having symptoms, there may be something wrong. Take care.”

“I traveled from Washington DC to Los Angeles to have Dr. Larian perform my recent parathyroidectomy. I struggled unsuccessfully for months to find a local surgeon who could diagnose my hyperparathyroidism, and was fortunate enough to learn about Dr. Larian while doing my own research. Few doctors are knowledgeable about parathyroid disease, even fewer can perform the surgery successfully using minimally invasive procedures. After years of vague symptoms and months of severe symptoms, just days after surgery I feel better than I have in such a long time. Dr. Larian’s staff made it so easy to consult with him, first over the phone reviewing my records and within a very short time scheduling my procedure. All I had to do was make hotel and plane reservations, they took care of everything else regarding scheduling and insurance matters. There is no doubt that traveling to have Dr. Larian perform my surgery was the best decision as it proved to be a little trickier than anticipated, but in the skilled hands of Dr. Larian I’m confident that the correct parathyroid gland was removed safely and completely, under local anesthesia and with minimal scarring. I felt better upon waking from the procedure. Throughout my contact with Dr. Larian on the phone and in person, it was clear that he genuinely cares about his patients, even though we had not met until the day before my surgery. After my procedure he visited my family in the waiting room multiple times and answered their questions, and personally called to check on me over the weekend after my procedure. Amazing, genuine care and clearly the leading expert in his field. I can’t thank Dr. Larian and his entire staff enough for listening when other doctors would not, and for performing a minimally invasive procedure when others could not. I have my life back, pain and symptom-free, and am so grateful to have found him. Don’t hesitate to travel to have Dr. Larian as your physician.”
“When I found out about my parathyroid problems, I knew I needed to go to an expert, and Dr L came highly recommended. A family friend had a surgery with Dr L and had nothing but amazing things to say about him!
I’m home in Hawaii after having minimally-invasive parathyroid surgery with Dr. Babak Larian. What a positive experience. Dr. Larian is a true healer — an elegant surgeon, warm and caring person, simply the best. I was treated like an old friend, from the extraordinary care of the staff beforehand (Shelly! Evelina!) to the staff at the Center and at La Peer. Not to mention being able to watch Chaplin films in the waiting room! I cannot praise you all enough…a hearty Mahalo!”
“16 months ago I flew from Texas to California to have Dr. Larian do my reoperative parathyroid surgery. Dr. Larian knew going in the surgery would be complex due to massive amounts of scar tissue and an ugly mutinodular goiter surrounding and attached to the nerve that controls my speech. Also I had a history of parathyroid glands in unusual locations. Dr. Larian took extraordinary care of all the above issues during a marathon surgery, and located and removed a lost parathyroid adenoma, intermingled with arteries deep in my chest just above my heart, all thru a small neck incision within the prior scar. Yesterday I went to a new endocrinologist here in Texas and was once again reminded how very fortunate I am to have been Dr. Larian’s patient for such a complex surgery. My new doctor read my operative report and was AMAZED at the skill level exhibited by Dr. Larian during my surgery, finding the lost adenoma, removing the scar tissue and goiter, and preserving my voice during very intricate and delicate surgery along the RLN nerve. You won’t find a better surgeon or a kinder, more caring physician anywhere.”

“I am very satisfied with Dr.Larian and his staff I honestly can’t think of anything that would need to change or improve since everything is already top notch!”
“I believe the service that Dr. Larian and staff provide is one of a kind. Dr. Larian makes you feel that you’re the most important one there.”
“I decided to postpone after consulting my husband/sleeping partner, other family members, and my Internist, who all agreed that my condition was still mild, would probably worsen with age, at which point I would definitely want to select Dr.Larian to be my surgeon”
“Dr.Larian is not your average Dr. He makes you feel like you’re the only patient there.”
“I have seen a lot of doctors over the years, this experience was exceptional. I followed Dr. Larian’s advice and I am already feeling better.”
“Dr. Larian is a very caring knowledgeable Dr. and is very kind and takes time to explain everything listen and friendly.”

“I am very impressed that Dr. Larian has called me when I called and had pain and concerns and is very dedicated to his patients.”

“I have seen him for only the most minor of issues, quite below his talents and expertise, and have nonetheless found him to be thoroughly attentive and helpful. He must have the best bedside manner in town, and one of the most beautifully designed offices as well.”

“After going to several doctors, Dr. Larian was the most reassuring and professional doctor. He had such a very genuine and comforting way about him. He did a great job informing me about my condition. What a great personality for a doctor. I also appreciated the friendly welcome when I came into the office. Very clean and beautiful environment. I highly recommend Dr. Larian.”

“Dr. Larian’s staff were very helpful and kind. He was wonderful, very professional, good listener and thoughtful in his explanation of situation. I have appreciated his help and interest immensely.”

“Was one of the best doctor I have had from Cedars, i loved his personality, and hands on, made me feel very comfortable.”

“I absolutely loved my experience with Dr. Larian. He was very thorough, gave very good explanations, and answered all of my questions. His bedside manner is impeccable.”

“Dr. Larian you’re an incredible doctor and a wonderful human being. You took such great care of my brother during a very painful and uncomfortable time and I’m happy to report that he’s as good as new with no recurrent problems. Thank you! :)”
“Dr. Larian saved me from an unbearable pain. Not only is he a wonderful doctor, but a great guy. All in all, he is THE best.”

“Dr. Larian you rock. I wish you specialized in other parts of the body so you could be my one stop shop ;-)”

“Dear Dr Larian, I want to express my deepest appreciation for your kindness, genuine caring and of course your expertise when you performed my recent surgery. As one who has limited experience with the medical profession, I didn’t know what to expect. I felt totally “held” by you & your team and could relax, knowing you were indeed, the best and would ensure an optimal outcome. All I can say is I will sing your praises for a long time. I feel blessed to have found you, deep gratitude for your skill, and graced to be the recipient of such compassionate care.”

“Dear Dr Larian, You saved my life! I am eternally grateful to you. Your warmth and friendliness to me & my wife are exemplary. Each visit is like seeing a good friend.”

“Dr Larian, I want to thank you for all your kindness. You have really gone out of your way to help me & I can not express enough how grateful I am. You are truly special.”

“Dr Larian, when we came to your office last week both my wife & I were very upset & nervous. When you met with us, you immediately put us at ease by taking the time to explain everything to us in detail. You were very aware of our feelings & showed us such patience, warmth & understanding. When we left your office the relief we felt was enormous as we knew we had a wonderful & caring doctor taking care of us. Thank you, doctor, for all you have to offer, you are a wonderful gift to your patients.”

“Dr Larian, I just wanted to thank you for your generosity with your time. You helped me feel confident with my fathers care & it means so much to me. It is obvious that you love your work and are at the top of your field. My dad is in his 2nd week of treatment and doing great.”

And a few more words about Dr. Larian…

“Dr.Larian is an amazing soul!”
“Very wise and helpful doctor!
“Wonderful doctor, felt extremely comfortable.”
“Best Doctor I’ve had! I’m so glad I met him!”
“He is one of the most knowledgeable and professional physicians that I’ve met.”
“Dr. Larian was kind, knowledgeable and professional.”
“Dr. Larian is a true friend and professional physician.”

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