Post Parathyroidectomy Information

At the CENTER for Advanced Parathyroid Surgery in Los Angeles, our team’s top priority is to make sure that our patients receive the best parathyroidectomy results, alongside dedicated patient care. Sometimes, post parathyroid problems can occur that may seem scary if the patient isn’t aware of what is causing them. However, as a result of Dr. Larian’s minimally invasive surgical approach, many of his patients recover much quicker when compared to patients undergoing normal parathyroidectomy or parathyroid adenoma surgery procedures.

Common Problems After Parathyroid Adenoma Surgery

Because the parathyroid gland in our body works to regulate calcium in our blood and throughout the rest of our body, undergoing parathyroid adenoma surgery to fully or partially remove a parathyroid gland or parathyroid tumor can come with symptoms following the procedure.

Think of it this way: your abnormal parathyroid gland hasn’t been doing its job over the course of time it’s taken you to undergo treatment. During that time, you may have felt tired, crampy, and uneasy, just to name a few symptoms. After undergoing parathyroid surgery, your body is able to correct its calcium levels, which takes time. Until your body is fully able to restore its calcium level back to functioning properly, it’s very common to experience symptoms that were similar to how you felt before seeking treatment. Once your fluctuating calcium levels even out, symptoms stop.

Following your parathyroidectomy in our Los Angeles office, it’s very common to experience minor discomfort, bruising, and a stiff neck. Massaging the area can provide relief during the healing process, as well as pain medication prescribed by Dr. Larian. In most cases, patients feel much better as early as 72 hours after parathyroid surgery.

Ensuring Health After Parathyroid Adenoma Surgery

Following your parathyroidectomy or parathyroid surgery, your body will be going through several changes. One of the best things that you can do to make sure you recovery quickly and safely is to carefully monitor your calcium replacement in your diet. It’s incredibly important to make sure that your body is receiving a balanced amount of calcium during recovery, as this is the key to allowing you to continue to lead a normal and healthy life.

Other important factors to consider during parathyroid adenoma surgery recovery is to develop a daily exercise routine that you can stick to. Generally, 30-60 minutes of cardio a day can improve the way you feel and also help maintain an ideal and healthy weight. (Please consult with Los Angeles parathyroidectomy surgeon Dr. Larian before starting a new exercise routine post parathyroid adenoma surgery.)

Post Parathyroidectomy FAQ

If you’ve recently undergone a surgery relating to the parathyroid or a parathyroid adenoma or have your surgery scheduled, Dr. Larian understands that you may have concerns about the procedure and would like to help put your mind at ease. Listed below are some of the most common questions our staff at the CENTER hears, including but not limited to:

Q: What is the recovery time after a parathyroidectomy?
A: This depends on whether or not the patient has undergone a minimally invasive parathyroidectomy or a traditional parathyroidectomy. Generally, recovery time following a minimally invasive parathyroidectomy is quicker, as less damage has been done to surrounding tissues. This takes usually 2 – 4 days. Over the course of the next two to four weeks, patients often report feeling back to normal, as before developing parathyroid problems.

Q: Can I develop another abnormal gland after treatment?
A: While this is extremely rare, it is possible. If you are experiencing similar symptoms as you were before undergoing parathyroid surgery, it is a good idea to schedule a consultation with Dr. Larian, a board certified head and neck surgeon in Los Angeles. This is why we recommend checking calcium and PTH on, at least, a yearly basis.

Q: I haven’t been feeling right since my treatment, what is the problem?
A: It’s common for the body to take several weeks to regulate the parathyroid hormone levels. Over the course of the next couple of months, you may feel slight discomfort, lethargic, and even crampy as your blood calcium level evens out.

Q: What kind of doctor should I see if I’m experiencing post-parathyroid surgery problems?
A: A head and neck surgeon or an endocrine surgeon has the most knowledge in treating problems relating to the parathyroid surgery. You should also consult with your endocrinologist as part of a successful recovery strategy because a hormonal imbalance or inappropriate calcium or vitamin D intake may be the source of problems.

Q: Will I need additional parathyroid surgery?
A: Until Dr. Larian is able to examine you, it’s difficult to say whether or not you may require additional parathyroid surgery. Usually, blood tests can confirm the success of your surgery or the need for further surgery.

Q: How can I stay healthy after parathyroid surgery?
A: Staying healthy after parathyroid adenoma surgery is very important. Some of the best ways for patients to do this is to follow a daily diet that can be kept track of and to exercise several times a week. Specifically, 30-60 minutes of cardio per day can help maintain a healthy weight following parathyroid surgery.

Schedule An Appointment With Dr. Larian Today

At the CENTER for Advanced Parathyroid Surgery in Los Angeles, Dr. Larian aims to provide each and every patient with the utmost care and best medical treatments possible. If you’re having difficulty with problems relating to your thyroid or parathyroid after undergoing treatment, Dr. Larian encourages you to contact him today to schedule a follow-up appointment and to discuss how our staff can help improve your quality of life. To schedule a meeting with Dr. Larian, please contact our medical practice by calling 310.461.0300. As a board-certified head and neck surgeon with an extreme knowledge in minimally invasive parathyroid surgery, Dr. Larian’s number one goal is to make sure his patients are moving forward in the recovery process and receive among the best aftercare for parathyroidectomy Los Angeles has to offer.

To schedule your initial consultation for parathyroid gland or parathyroid adenoma surgery today, please contact the CENTER for Advanced Parathyroid Surgery.

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