The role of healthy parathyroid glands is to monitor blood calcium levels and produce parathyroid hormone, which will keep those levels stable. When calcium levels fall or increase, parathyroid hormone should signal the bones to release more, or less, calcium into the bloodstream in order to keep the levels stable. The parathyroid hormone is, simply put, in charge of making sure that we have accurate blood calcium levels. However, for those with parathyroid disease, one or more of the four parathyroid glands has grown into a benign tumor, and does not properly respond to blood calcium levels.

Patients with parathyroid disease produce too much parathyroid hormone, which leads to too much calcium in the blood. This overdose of calcium impacts the nerves, muscles, arteries, stomach, heart, and kidneys.

Unfortunately, many of the symptoms of parathyroid disease mirror other illnesses, which is why the root cause is often over looked. This might explain why few people are aware of the psychological symptoms related to parathyroid disease. The truth is, too much calcium in the bloodstream can have widespread effects on the body and mind. Although not often discussed, patients who are suffering from parathyroid disease actually often experience psychological symptoms such as depression, fatigue, trouble concentrating, and poor memory.

Unfortunately, because primary hyperparathyroidism is such a rare condition, many doctors are unfamiliar with these symptoms. As a result, many patients will live with the disease for years, even though they do not need to.

But please, worry not; we saved the good news for last. Many, if not all, of these symptoms will often resolve in short order after surgery to remove the parathyroid tumor. That is why it is imperative that a patient with parathyroid disease have a so called parathyroidectomy as soon as possible.

If you are experiencing any of the symptoms described in this article, you may suffer from parathyroid disease. If you would like to be evaluated, schedule a consultation with parathyroid expert Dr. Larian today by calling 310-461-0300.

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